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OFFBIKE     is an Motorbike simulator,  that is still in Devlopment!

You can ride as one of the 3 motorcyclists, do stunts, chill and just crouse around. you can adjust the camera. even theFirst person view works.
when you do a weelie the nitro activates and you become faster than the wind

Updates Soon:


'ARROWS' keys or 'WASD' keys to drive the bike

'SPACE' key to handbrake

'C' key to change view (camera)

'Shift' key to shift bike

'E' key to trun on police lights

'G' key to rest bikes

'Page Up/Down' key to switch gear (manual gear)

Any Update Ideas?   hit me up


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On Sale!
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$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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OffBike.rar 25 MB


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wish there are more updates with new map and a menu 

and if there are races ... omg that will be awesome!

it is good game


i am still working on it, rn i try to make the driving feel better and the look of the game. After that i make a new map with offroad races and a story, i think i try to make a map builder as well